Mohsen Momini Sharif:
The movie “Muhammad (PBUH) -Messenger of God” (Muhammad (PBUH)- Rasul-e-Khoda) is a splendid work of art
The Hozeh Honari news agency reported quoting Mehr News Agency that Mr. Mohsen Momini Sharif, the head of Hozeh Honari (center of art) of the Islamic propagation organization prasied the makers of the movie “Muhammad (PBUH) -Messenger of God” while presenting his views and said: I congratulated the Iranian cinema for the production of such a splendid movie.
The Muslim artists always desire to serve their prophet (PBUH) as and when their art reaches a point of perfection and use their art to show their love and affection towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while putting in their effort to introduce this sacred personality; and fortunately enough this event has taken place in the Iranian cinema.


He continued to express his views: our cinema industry has fortunately paid their tribute at the best possible time and that too with a strong and admirable determination along with a significant amount of honor and glory. The movie “Muhammad (PBUH) -Messenger of God” according to me is a fine example of maturity, strength and ability of Iranian cinema; which in fact has the international standards and can take the ranking of Iranian cinema to new heights of success.
The head of Hozeh Honari pointed out the technical magnificence of the movie “Muhammad (PBUH) -Messenger of God” and said: fortunately enough, even though the movie has a large amount of production technicalities; but that does not prevent it from being an extremely gentle movie. The director was able to place all the elements of the movie perfectly alongside each other. The audience witnesses the gentle and poetical manifestations of elements in various magnificent scenarios; and this has helped to a great extent to know more about the personality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while also making the movie more interesting for its audience; that too in such a manner that even though we watch a three hour long movie, yet there is not a single ounce of feeling of tiredness after the movie finishes and moreover, we wish to watch it again.
Momini Sharif continued to stipulate: it seems that all the forms of art have come hand in hand with each other in this movie; which has resulted in the production of an extremely interesting and attractive work of art for the audience. At the first place, it is the management ability and the talent of the director as well as an outstanding screenplay which have joined hands to make this movie unique on its own. Apart from all these factors, it is clearly evident that the whole crew of the movie has been filled with motivation to give their best to this movie; such a motivation is especially seen between the music director and the cameraman; which has resulted in a large number of scenarios being portrayed as individual pieces of artistic paintings. Ultimately it is when all these factors come together and make a topic which may be repetitive for the audience to become interesting to such an extent that we may not feel the repetitive nature of the original subject; and this makes the work more important than it may seem.

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